It's Time for SFM!

The day is almost here - the SF Marathon is tomorrow! I'm extremely excited now that the weekend has come and I've been to the expo. I didn't make it this far last year and dropped to the half due to injury, so I feel like I've been waiting to run this marathon for way too long.

As you may know, I'm an ambassador for this race and it was my very first half marathon ever in 2009. It was also my first 5K in 2005, before I can even say I was a runner. It's about time I run the main event! I loved picking up the marathon color bib and the marathon color shirt, not to mention my 52.4 club sweatshirt. Now I get to go out there tomorrow to earn it.

Loving the red shirts for the marathon.

All four of the events have sold out this year too, which I'm not sure they have in the past. That's pretty cool.

Kevin and I went to the expo on Friday night and then enjoyed dinner at Off the Grid, the food truck event near Fort Mason. Aside from the crazy parking situation, having the expo co-located with Off the Grid was awesome. We had pork skewers and garlic noodles from An the Go, a Vietnamese Fusion truck, and then I continued to carb load with one of the biggest sprinkle donuts ever.

Johnny Doughnuts is awesome.

Because we went to the expo on Friday, we could relax on Saturday and sleep in. It's been great, we should do it this way more often. Soon we'll be heading to Sophia's wedding to celebrate and then to SF for the night. 

But first, you should see the other awesome swag we picked up at the expo. SF knows how to do it right, yes?

Happy running and racing this weekend to all!


  1. A cute cat for everybody who registers?! Sign me up! :)


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