Countdown to the 50K

It's crazy to think that one week from today, my goal race will be over! This training cycle has been pretty awesome and I'm feeling dialed in to conquer the Woodside Purisima Creek Crossover 50K next Saturday. One possible hiccup is that my hubby is sick and I'm feeling a little congested, but I'm taking lots of Airborne and keeping my distance. The pollen count here is also really high right now, so hopefully it's that and not a cold coming on. Fingers crossed!

I've enjoyed training for the 50K and running trails almost exclusively. The course has 5750 feet of climbing, mostly front-loaded, and I've now been through the big climbs two times during 20+ mile training runs. The first time I felt awful and had a bad run day overall, but the second time I felt strong and think I could have pushed more. I'll save that effort for race day! The best part about this event is that it's absolutely beautiful. It's a combination of single track and wider trails with Redwood trees, creeks, and views galore.

Sophia beginning a big climb through the trees in Purisima.

Sophia still climbing after reaching the sunny part.

And finally, the reward! We could see all the way to Half Moon Bay.

Our selfie from the day I ran this with Imogen and Erika, the good run day!

After reaching the top of this climb (where there will be an aid station,) the course has a short out-and-back section before reaching a crazy fun single track descent along the Craig Britton trail. I'm looking forward to running that section of trail again! It runs along a ridge line with views for a while and then drops back into the Redwoods.

 Running along Craig Britton single track.

Creek view from one of the little bridges.

Naturally, this beauty is followed by a big climb out of Purisima Creek to Skyline Road. There is an aid station at Skyline, and from there the course is a rolling single track out-and-back on Skyline Trail. I've run in Huddart and along Skyline trail many times, but adding the two Purisima long runs made me feel good about my race preparation. I know what to expect and have a good sense of where the aid stations and restrooms are too, which is always helpful!

In addition to the course specific runs, I've had many awesome training runs in Marin and the South Bay along the way. Last weekend was a banner day in Marin, with clear views and sun all around. I ran with Bay Birds Blair and Kelly, getting to know them and really enjoying the group pace too. 

Blair took this photo for me along Old Springs trail, it was such a gorgeous day.

Blair descending the stairs along Coastal Trail into Rodeo Beach.

My last long-taper run was yesterday at Almaden Quicksilver, and I enjoyed the company of Go Far and another perfect weather day. I did the shorter 8.5 mile loop, hitting a new-to-me trail called Propsect #3 along the way. 

Climbing Guadalupe trail! (Photo from Meghan)

 Playing the matching bottoms game with Jean and Meghan. (Photo from Meghan)

Prospect #3, single track across the grass and over the hill.

Meghan coming to the bottom of Prospect #3.

 Heading through the tall grass at the New Almaden trail turn off.

This week will be all about short runs, a couple of extra rest days, and focusing on hydration. Hopefully I won't actually get sick and I can be 100% on race day to tackle those hills! 


  1. Looks like you're well-prepared! Hope you have a great race!

  2. Good luck Paulette! Can't wait to hear how it goes this weekend.


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