Olympic Trials Bound

Someday I'll update the blog more regularly again, but for now I want to share how excited I am about heading to Eugene tomorrow! I'm going to spectate for the Olympic Track & Field Trials, staying with a bunch of fun ladies, and hanging out with tons of runners. I'm a huge fan girl and love cheering for others in general, and it'll be awesome to see track races on such a big stage.

Add the fact that I spent this past weekend running, volunteering, and spectating at Western States and you could say I'm riding high on running inspiration right now. I will definitely do a post about Western States soon, it's my favorite event and this year was better than ever.

Running the Western States trail on race eve. 

All of this has come at the perfect time, too. I realize I didn't update my goal decision; I'm now training for Tamalpa Headlands 50K on August 27 and not for the SF Marathon. That's what my body and brain wanted right now, and I have no regrets on that decision. However, I was having a really rough training week before traveling to States, and I'm happy to say that a weekend surrounded by the ultra community left me feeling renewed both mentally and physically.

Happy July 4 weekend - I'll be back with more on States and the Trials soon!


  1. Can't wait to hear all about the Trials and shenanigans!


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