NYC Marathon with Team EMC

You might remember that I ran with the Every Mother Counts charity team for NYC Marathon 2014. I loved working with them and was extremely impressed by their passion, their teamwork, and the stories that brought them to EMC. I'm excited to say that I'm joining their team again for the NYC Marathon this coming November!

Meeting Christy Turlington Burns (Founder) in SF

The NYC Marathon is an amazing race, and I can't wait to reconnect with EMC teammates. I'm also excited to share the experience with Kevin this time around. He was accepted via the lottery, and we'll be traveling to NYC together for the event.

The decision to pick up a fall road marathon was pretty hard. On one hand, NYCM is a really, really awesome event and I'm pumped about the idea of doing it again. On the other hand, this means running a flat road race and that's not my jam anymore. Instead of focusing on the marathon as my big race goal, I'll be training for Skyline to the Sea 50K on October 7 and coupling that training block to NYCM. I intend to take in all of the crowd energy and to truly enjoy the NYC course!

Happy finisher post from 2014.

Skyline to the Sea 50K is a net downhill course with low overall elevation gain (<4000 feet), and it's a repeat race for me. I'm planning to work on more runnable terrain this fall to benefit both the 50K and NYCM. When talking to my coach about it, she mentioned that focusing on constant pace effort (i.e. not switching between running and hiking like on trails) can benefit my overall aerobic capacity for trail running. That sealed the deal and I decided to go for it.

About Every Mother Counts:

Every Mother Counts is a charity that supports maternal health around the world; their team runs races to raise awareness that distance is the biggest barrier to women getting the care they need. For me, the most eye-opening part of connecting with EMC was realizing that prenatal care, complications due to lack of care, and death during childbirth are a problem everywhere, not only in developing countries. I met people on the team who were directly affected by these issues, making the goals of EMC even more tangible.

If interested, you can find more details and donate via my fundraising page. Every little bit helps!


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